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Customer experience in the age of turbulence.

Digital Solutions

Customer experience in the age of turbulence.


av Bjørn Sandvik , 15. oktober 2018

Amesto Beyond

The highway to competitive advantage

September 13th, 2018 will be my second Amesto Beyond event. Last year we had great speakers talking about talents and technology. This year we address "customer experience in the age of turbulence". A distinctive customer experience and a unique mission statement can create magic, as Disney stated with; "We create happiness by providing the best in entertainment for people of all ages everywhere."

Which brings me to the point of why I started in Amesto. I believe in magic, that we can shape our future and make a difference.

A recent report based on a global survey with 400 CIOs from Forbes Insights highlights that "five years ago, CIOs believed their most important skill was technology know-how. Today, they believe it is contributing to corporate strategy...". The analysis also states that "40% of CIOs say their function will be essential to successfully formulating customer-facing solutions, creating global capabilities, developing new revenue-earning opportunities and fostering innovation within their companies."

Customer facing solutions can be defined as "designed to deliver satisfying user experiences via all customer touch points". To raise the bar, we want to deliver the best user experience!

A clear goal, but on the path, we need to keep the lights on. We need to fix the basic and transform on the way. So, what did we do in Amesto...

After one week in the new job I had 15 topics on my list. Some more urgent than others. Highlighting the most important I can wrap them up in five:

  1. Security
  2. Regulatory compliance
  3. HR master data
  4. Collaboration tools
  5. IT development

Not surprisingly regulatory compliance was one of them. The top-5-list was also the first step of addressing key areas in the new information technology strategy directly supporting the organization's core mission.

Our main challenge was lack of a coherent IT strategy. 
Which was a competitive dis-advantage.

So, what did we do...?


  • We saw information security as a business enabler, allowing us to enter more confidently into new markets.
  • We went live with Amesto Trust Center to show visibility into how we ensure security, privacy, compliance and transparency in all our products and services.
  • We implemented a new Information Security Management System (Secure ISMS) for managing IT governance, risk and compliance.
  • We created a new information security policy, outlining the overall management framework for information security, which forms the basis for securing and protecting the information assets of the company.

Regulatory compliance

HR master data

  • Unfortunately, we spend significant amount of time on administration and generating reports from multiple sources. Non-productive time. Because of this we are implementing Sympa as our Group HR system to be able to fully focus on own employees from hire-to-retire. This is also an important step in ensuring effective master data management.

Collaboration tools

  • Collaboration tools helps people collaborate. That’s the idea! We are using Workplace for the-day-to-day internal update. Which works pretty good. But we also had to standardize on a common platform, including new companies onboarded into the Amesto family. We have selected Office 365 and currently rolling out to all employees. The list of collaboration tools with Microsoft is long and we are ensuring a corporate standard approach for all tools. And the main purpose is to take advantage of our collective strengths and experience.

IT Development

  • We are fully aware of the IT business world we live in where customers expect digital solutions. Our business strategy shows an increased need for IT development skills. We need to plan for this in the time to come. And we need to ensure that we follow industry standard methodology for IT development, architectural and security guidelines. As an outcome of this we are exploring possible joint venture on IT development, offshore environments and IT development platforms.